How we are Different

Why choose SQA Labs over another IT staffing firm? There are three simple but powerful reasons:

  • Our ability to supply you with technical professionals whose technical expertise and industry experience best match your needs.

    Because we focus on IT, and because we specialize in core industry vertical markets, we provide technical professionals who have specific expertise and certification in specialized areas. This enables us to match your specific needs with their expertise.

    Our recruiting protocol is considered the most robust in the industry, which means we don't just wait for people to come to us, we are constantly out in the field actively seeking the best talent to join our ranks.

    Technical skills are only a part of our rigorous selection criteria. We take the time to seek out individuals who share our commitment to the work we do and the clients we serve. It's this combination of technical abilities and integrity that makes our technical professionals truly exceptional.

  • We supply people on short notice and an "on-demand" basis.

    We can fill your job request quickly and efficiently, with access to a pool of technical professionals in the industry. Our culture is built on establishing relationships with our technical professionals, which results in many benefits for our customers, not to mention the ability to retain the best talent. Our specialized and highly trained recruiters can provide the right resource with a better understanding of local markets and industries.

  • Our proprietary Successful Placement Process saves you time and money.

    Naturally, if you only have a short term use for an employee with a given skill set, it's more efficient to contract out for the job than hire full time staff. We also save you time by:

  • Getting your technical professional faster than your internal HR could
  • Handling recruiting and interviewing work that would normally fall on you
  • Ensuring that you get the right person the first time
  • Secret to Our Success

    Our ability to build and honor long-term relationships with people makes us successful and distinguishes us from our competition.