Global competitiveness is driving market growth across domains and, as your business expands, the need to focus on core capabilities becomes increasingly critical. You require the best resources to be devoted across your enterprise as you grow. With IT infrastructure emerging as an important element of defining and achieving your business objectives, you also need to be technologically ready to take on strategic challenges that fuel your growth. Balancing these business and technology requirements would unnecessarily burden your organizational resources. With this in mind, outsourcing is the key to taking care of IT infrastructure and application needs while allowing you to concentrate on your business competencies across domains. IT is an integral part of organizational process and growth and SQA Labs is that partner who can help you achieve technology competence of the highest level.

SQA Labs Outsourcing services' are targeted at achieving maximum value by providing end-to-end best of breed IT practices for your business. From technology optimizations to mitigating risks, we fulfill your constant IT infrastructure and application demands while evaluating, deploying and managing flexible, responsive and economical solutions. Through our acknowledged quality processes and program governance frameworks, we help you achieve and sustain business momentum. Based on service level agreements (SLAs), we meet every need and objective of your business by providing IT infrastructure solutions that seamlessly align with organizational processes and practices.

As a top technology vendor, we have helped organizations strategize, integrate, manage, maintain and sustain their IT infrastructure to emerge stronger in their respective domains. We are the partner of choice for corporations as they outsource their IT requirements, thus enabling them to focus on their core competencies. Our success lies in our continued focus to help you enhance your business value through IT. We are committed to deliver quality to your enterprise through our onsite, near site, multi-site, offsite and Global Service Management Center (GSMCTM) service delivery models. Our end-to-end offerings in Total Outsourcing include:

  • Consulting services :

    Across domains, we have built a strong understanding of specific business requirements through our experience in delivering IT services for over two decades. We have transformed this experience to take up the role of a strategic advisor, where we constantly deliver robust solutions that are flexible and stable. Addressing the technology complexities involved across domains, we leverage our strong understanding of business and IT processes to help your business transform into a proactive, profitable venture. From cost reduction to IT optimization and policy formulations, we advise you every step of the way to deploy the right technologies and processes that seamlessly align with your business requirements.

  • Our consulting offerings include:

    • Strategic consulting
    • Technology consulting
    • Process consulting
  • Technology infrastructure services:

    SQA Labs sets up, manages and supports your entire IT infrastructure covering your hardware, telecom, database management and system support operations. As a product agnostic company, we have the skills and experience to work on best of breed technologies, ensuring that your IT resources are always available and running. We manage your infrastructure on an SLA basis and we have the ready resources to plan and implement the entire IT setup for your organization or a part of it. Through our Global Service Management Center (GSMCTM) we deliver remote services including remote monitoring and management of entire networks, systems and desktops. We deliver the following infrastructure services:

    • Infrastructure optimization
    • Infrastructure setup and provisioning on a pay-by-use basis
    • Infrastructure management
  • Program Governance :

    The complexity of managing total outsourcing projects is compounded by the extensive IT infrastructure and resources that need to be covered. Co-coordinating between the vast technical and operational aspects of the project requires a strong control model that overarches the given project while driving an actively managed partnership. At SQA Labs we have created a program governance framework that helps support business objectives on strategic, functional and operational levels. This addresses the rules, processes, metrics and organizational structures needed for effective planning, decision-making, steering and control of the outsourcing engagement in order to mitigate the risk inherent in any outsourcing relationship.

    Our Total Outsourcing services are delivered through a Program Management Office (PMO) which manages and governs all our projects. Through the PMO we assure you that our clearly articulated vision strictly adheres to high standards of service delivery and quality. Our program governance processes include:

  • Service delivery management : Transition management, service management, change management, risk management, project management, performance review
  • Technology management : Technology assessment, impact analysis, business case, deployment strategy, sustenance strategy
  • Relationship management : Governance effectiveness, customer satisfaction, communication, expansion of scope, issue management
  • Contract management : Invoicing and verification, service consumption analysis, contract management, contract change management.
    Our total Outsourcing services create value through technology to help transform your IT universe into a powerful business driver. The substantial benefits derived through our service include:
  • Strategic : Our continuing focus on business excellence helps you focus on your market objectives. We provide effective decision support systems with industry benchmarking and are accountable for the work we deliver at every stage of our partnership with you.
  • Operational : Our process delivery and best practices are backed by strong quality standards including ITIL, PMI, CMMi, ISO 9001:2000 and Six Sigma. The operational benefits are improved efficiency for your IT infrastructure with access to advanced technologies. Our technology experts ensure process and quality led service delivery.
  • Financial : You gain significant cost savings in overall IT operations through predictable expense management and a faster time-to-market ensures a quick return-on-investment (ROI) for your business. The strong frameworks that guide the outsourcing engagement to deliver business performance are complemented by our deep domain and industry vertical expertise. The unique demands and nuances of specific industry micro verticals need a clear focus and in-depth understanding to create true business value in an end-to-end outsourcing engagement. At SQA Labs, we recognize this and have developed domain competencies in banking and finance, manufacturing, energy, airlines, retail, utilities, government, telecom, healthcare etc. to help keep pace with the changing demands of your industry. Through this vertical focus we also ensure that your organization is leading, and not merely following, when it comes to deployment of technology and industry standards. We have developed total outsourcing propositions covering the above industry verticals and we can customize similar propositions to unique requirements of other verticals thereby providing you the powerful thrust to raise your profile, irrespective of your line of business.

    SQA Labs has well defined and documented security policies, processes and guidelines in place for reasonable protection of information in all the stages of the information life cycle and also for the offshore development centers. Senior management commitment for security, well documented processes, technological controls along with the continuous user awareness initiatives, constitute some of the factors for SQA Labs' security program.

    Some of the domain areas which are reflected in SQA Labs' security policies are risk management, access control, legal compliance, offshore development center security, virus prevention, asset management, business continuity management, security incident management and user awareness etc to name a critical few. Most of these are considered for enabling a safe computing environment at SQA Labs Risk based approach is undertaken for designing and implementing controls on availability and security parameters for IT services and offshore business operations.