Recruitment Process

With SQA Labs, our clients benefit from a consistently applied set of recruiting best practices that we refer to as 'our recruiting excellence model.' This model was developed and implemented as a quality assurance mechanism, and allows us to recruit the most suitable candidates for our clients.

  • The Key elements of our recruiting excellence model are:
  • Knowledge of our client's immediate and future IT skill demands, so that our recruiters can develop a pool of pre-qualified candidates even before we receive specific job requirements.
  • A thorough understanding of client's specific needs, including technical and non-technical skills, experience and expected performance results.
  • Targeted recruiting strategies developed for each search, leveraging candidate networks established by each recruiter, an internal candidate database with a large volume of resumes, the SQA Labs job board and national and regional job boards and tools.
  • Candidate qualification, skill assessment and client suitability checks, using online technical assessment tools, peer-consultant interviews and in-person interviews.
  • Submit "shortlist" candidate resumes for client submission.
  • Arranging, coordinating and managing the preparation of candidate interviews with client decision-makers.
  • Confirmation of client hiring process, final decisions and terms of the placement.
  • Client and SQA Labs paperwork, onboarding and orientation.
  • Ongoing consultant communication, supervision, support and retention programs.
  • Effective redeployment of SQA Labs consultants to other projects or clients, maintaining employment continuity.